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Monday, November 16, 2009

Your kids are mentally challenged...

This memo I just received from the 13-year-old's teacher had me laughing out loud, so it's blog worthy. Here goes. Pay special attention to the part in red. llol.

To: All 8th Graders and 8th Grade Parents

From: witty Head of the Middle school and erudite librarian (these names have been changed :)

Re: 8th Grade Thanksgiving Baking Tradition

On Tuesday, November 24, the 8th Grade will bake loaves of quick bread during their first two periods. The breads will be donated to a local charity.

The class has been divided into teams of two (or three, in one case) students. Each team will need to bring in the following:

two 10”-12” mixing bowls
one set of measuring spoons
one fork
one set of dry measuring cups
one liquid measuring cup
one rubber spatula
one mixing spoon

Bitter experience has taught us that, despite our 8th Graders being bright, visually perceptive, and generally knowledgeable about their own possessions, they have little to no recall when it comes to which cooking utensils they took out of their bags less than an hour before. So please LABEL the items you send with your child in such a way that the label will remain evident after washing.

I have also enclosed the baking pairs list so that your child can work out with his or her partner who is bringing what.

We will buy all the ingredients; all you have to do is send in the requested equipment.

Thanks in advance for your support.


  1. I guess she really knows her students, lol.

  2. EEEEKKKK! NO cooking utensils leave my kitchen! I love them too much.

    It's a good thing I don't have a bright, visually non-perceptive 8th grader in your school!


  3. OMG, I love it! And really, how many 8th graders that you know are familiar with cooking utensils???

  4. "Bitter experience"...that's practically poetry. Too funny!

  5. That is so true! After a food festival at my daughters school there was enough tupperware, baking dishes and utensil to restock the schools kitchen!

  6. So funny and so true. Do you think this is more boys?

    HRH was sitting playing Legos when I reminded him it was time to get dressed. His clothes (laid out by me) were sitting less than 12 inches to his right. Of course, he said "I can't find my clothes!"

  7. Cooking utensils?

    You mean we're supposed to have these things already in the home?! I mean, I can bring in a can opener, sure...but a measuring cup?!? Who are these people?!

  8. oh god. I would beat those bitches down. seriously.

  9. Funny! I think I would be visiting Dollar Tree before sending my boys in with any of that stuff. Even if you do label it, they still manage to lose it or somehow fall on their backpack and break everything :-)

  10. The true irony here is that I'll bet 90% of the parents ignored this letter and the problem remained uncorrected.

  11. oh too true! I hope you labeled your utinsels.

  12. in other words - your kids are utensil-retarded


    thanks for visiting the crib on MODG's big day

  13. What does your kid's teacher expect? They're 8th graders! Not minature Martha Stewarts lol :)

  14. Ha. I should read posts in chronological order before commenting. Now I see the whole bring your own cookware logic.

    oops. :)


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