QUOTE OF THE DAY (OR MORE): "No, no. You don't understand. This is an '89 Calico. I'm pretty sure that exceeds the Kelly Blue Book value. The cat's totaled." --A comedian whose name I forget talking about a vet who presents a $3,000 bill for a 12-year-old cat

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Listen to your heart

A couple of days ago the 14-year-old and I were heading out the door in the morning to school. A pencil was lying on the kitchen counter. I hate clutter.

"Is that your pencil, buddy?" I asked.

"Yeah," he replied without a shadow of guilt for having left it lying around (just kidding. If I flipped out every time a kid left a pencil lying around, in addition to the hundreds of other random items of crap they magically spread from their domain throughout the house I would be in a mental hospital).

"Do you need it for school today?" I lovingly questioned.

"What does your heart tell you?" he questioned in return.

ya can't make this stuff up.