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Friday, January 15, 2010

Conversations with the 13-year-old

The scence: coming home after school

me: "hey, bud. How was your day at school? What's new? What's happenin'? What's goin' down? Tell me all about it!"

13-year-old: "Mom, how much horsepower does this car have?"

me: "I have absolutely no idea."

13-year-old: "what? why?"

me: "I'm a girl. Girls just don't retain that kind of information because they don't care."

13-year-old (quite put out): "That's ridiculous! You're not a girl; you're a woman. And just because you're female doesn't mean you don't know how much horsepower our car has!"

me: "oh, I beg to differ. Ask any girl in your class whether she knows how much horsepower her parents' cars have; then, ask the boys."

13-year-old: "Mom. They won't know if it's not their car!"

I gave up at that point.

So... here's a quick poll. Please tell me 1) are you a man or a woman? and 2) do you know how much horsepower your car has?


  1. I like to think of myself as all man, but am admittedly a complete failure when it comes to most things automotive. I'm the guy that fixes the mechanic's computer in exchange for their services; a very similar agreement, in fact, to the one I have with my wife.

  2. I figure if I need to know, I'll look in the manual.


  3. Woman - I dont know, I dont care... as long as the car works!! LOL

  4. Female - 160 Honda CRV 2002

    Sometimes when hubbs talks, I actually listen.

  5. I have now idea. I can always just ask my husband :)

  6. pshaw...of course I do. You don't? really?

    I didn't even know that term was still in use; that's how much attention I pay to that sort of thing.


  7. 1) woman
    2) silver? leather seats? 3?

  8. I am a woman and I know how much horsepower my car has. In fact I know that 1 horsepower=746 watts. But my vote should be void because my dad is a mechanic.

    My husband has no idea how much horsepower his car has and knows absolutely nothing about cars. Does this make me the "man" in the relationship??

  9. Female - not a clue. Hubby is happy if I put gas in it!

  10. Female, I know mine (190) but only because my husband and I were having a conversation about whose car has more HP.

    It's nice that your son doesn't have the "girls do this, guys do this" mentality. (He'll get over it, I'm sure. LOL)


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