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Monday, July 19, 2010

This is not a pie chart

Last week I just had to go to Barcelona for an International Sales Meeting for work. Yeah, my job sucks sometimes.... I did get to explore part of the town for the first jet-lagged afternoon after my flight arrived and before the meeting started. The rest of the time was spent in a conference room doing and watching power point presentations.

My favorite part of the presentations was watching one done by a French colleague, who put a pie chart up on a slide and explained his "camembert" chart. This got me giggling pretty hard. I guess that makes more sense if you're French... I mean - how much more sophisticated is a "camembert" chart than a "pie" chart. The semantics alone give it an eloquent credibility....

It also got me craving a nice glass of Cab and a slice of camembert...
On the way home I had settled into my economy class seat for the 9-hour plane ride home. I had just gotten all of my books and laptop organized where I could reach them easily, had my seat belt on, and was all set to go, when the German flight attendant from Lufthansa walked the aisle toward me, stopped, looked at me, and questioned my identity.
Um yeah, I nodded, that's my name.
"We would like to invite you to join us in Business class," she chirped.
Ahhh. The eye-darts from the people all around me felt stupendous. "Sucks for you all," I thought, actually feeling kind of guilty. The guilt lasted until I sat down in business class and was offered a glass of champagne.
This all made up for their having lost my luggage on the way home and delivering it to me 72 hours later....

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