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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The 14-year-old thinks he's funny

The 14-year-old thinks he's funny and well, I guess he is. For my grandmother's 93rd birthday, I made a chocolate cake with chocolate icing; the three generations of women in my family would consider no other flavors appropriate for birthday cakes.
As the cake was being sliced, I loudly announced before anyone had taken a bite that I had made the entire thing completely from scratch - no box mixes, no canned pre-prepared icing. I was quite proud of myself.
The 14-year-old thought this was a good time to quip: "You might have wanted to have waited until we've all tasted it before you gave us that little tidbit of information."


  1. Oh, isn't it wonderful when they get older and wittier?

    BTW, that cake looks gorgeous!

  2. Haha! Aren't they so witty at that age?

  3. OUCH! Oh to be young and foolish......

  4. bwahahahahaha! That is TOO funny!
    (Did they like the cake...?)

  5. He is pretty funny and I pretty impressed. I don't make my cakes from scrach very often. Happy 93rd to your grandma and chocolate is the only flavor there is for birthday cake!

  6. Zing, boy they know how to stab you in the heart.

  7. That's true! I always say, if it tasted good I made it, if not the girls did!

    Happy Birthday Grandma!

  8. Did you allow him to eat his cake? :)


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