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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm blushing....

A big muchas gracias (guess that's redundant, huh?) to my blogosphere friend Chris at Maugeritaville for my best blog award... Really... I can't possibly accept this aw.... well okay... thanks!

I'm supposed to pass it along to 15 of my favorite blogs (yikes!), so here goes, in no particular order, so don't get your panties in a bunch...

A Reservation for Six - a crazy lady with 4 kids and lots of wisdom

Blog Ignoramus - emotions explained poetically

Blunt Delivery - Never boring, that's for sure

Confessions of a Reforming Geek- comedy au natural and a fellow runner

From 0 to 3 in 90 Days - all about the humor found in 3 awesome adopted kids (and a great playlist)

Frosty Runner - Another fellow runner who trains and lives in... Alaska! cool!

Housewife Savant - extremely creative writing

Mental Poo - holy cow is this guy funny. Just read.

On the Front Porch - awesome, well-written, articulate wit

Seriously - a Florida gal who shares my love of German Shepherds

My Girls and Me - one of the most creative moms I know...

Feet off the Table! - just seeing the cute way her girls dress is reason enough for a visit

She's Just Another Manic Mommy - I LOVE this lady and her tales of her two

The Child - Deep and thought-provoking

The V Spot - just plain hilarious

Whew! Do yourself a favor and pay them a visit.


  1. Good Morning and Congratulations! :)

  2. Congrats! I will have to go and check out some of these blogs I haven't seen before.

  3. Wow...thank you.

    However, you picked the absolute WORST day to have readers come over to my site.

    Most. Depressing. Post. Ever.

    Your readers are all going to be, like:

    'Yeah. Hilarious. Um...what the fuck are you talking about, Funnyrunner? This guy made me cry.'

    Just my luck.


  4. Cool! Thanks so much! I'm off to check out your other winners who I haven't read before!

    PS: "Fr: Jologs na Yuppie"? What exactly am I accepting here?!? ;)

  5. Wow, thanks. I'm flattered! And thanks for making my blog list longer. ;-)

  6. I'm honored and will work on getting that up soon!

    Thank You ~ Thank You ~ Thank You!

    BTW- I had my Crackberry on the nightstand in case Peanut needed me while at a sleepover. This award announcement came across at 1:18 this morning, thanks bunches for the wake up call!

  7. Thanks! I'm not worthy AND I think you picked most of the blogs I would pass this on to. I am either going to a) alter the number of people I pass it on to; or, b)award some blogs twice. We'll see. But thank you!

  8. Well-deserved, Funnyrunner. You rock.

    And how about those Yankees? Need a new broom after the thorough sweeping?

  9. oh STOP YOURSELF. You know, despite what you say, I'd like to think these ARE in a particular order and that I'm the third funniest.

    although, I could also take that as a slap in the face that I am not as funny as the two aforementioned bloggers. UGH. why do you have to be so secretly complicated?!

    haha. smooches! i return the sentiment, as you are one of my favs as well!

  10. Hey thanks for thinking of me. I see there are some blogs I haven't checked out - great more distractions at work:)

  11. Thanks so much! I really enjoy your blog too!


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