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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Boys will be, well... boys

The high school applications process continues, folks.
Last weekend, the husband, the 2 boys and I schlepped to 3 high school Open Houses (one after the other after the other), dog and pony shows wherein one is ushered around the high school campus and filled with information from its administrators, student guides, and parent volunteers about all things good about the school .
I think I was more tired at the end of the day than I was after a marathon.
At one particular Catholic school, the student guide led us into the school's beautiful, college-esqe library, where we were enthusiastically greeted by two parent volunteers - moms of current students. While our sophomore student guide proceeded with my son, the husband and I got waylaid into a conversation with these two moms about laptops in the library.
"They don't allow the students to use laptops in the library during free time," one mom explained.
The other mom chimed in: "Yeah. You know... they're adolescent boys. You just don't know what they'll be up to on the internet."
The husband and I nodded, thanked the parent volunteers, and walked a few steps from the two women. When we were far enough away, we muttered in stereo without even a glance toward each other: "porn."


  1. As if there's any OTHER reason to have a laptop! Psht.

    And your description of this applications/open house process makes me SO glad I can't afford private schools!

  2. I know one other things teen aged boys do on computers aside from porn, World of War Craft both of which I don't think they ever go out of. At 19 and leaving with the Army in January, it's still all about girls and gaming. When again, Dad is still kinds interested in the same thing so they really don't ever change. Ugh!

    Good Luck on the school selection.

  3. some of them might do homework :) We only have 1 public high school in town--that makes selection easy.

  4. Shopping for high school? Sheesh! Yeah. I'd rather run the marathon!

  5. There's porn on the internet? Get outta here!

  6. We have HS application processes for public schools in the district we just came from. Yick. What happened to the whole "go to the school in your neighborhood" thing??

    I love that you and your Hubs are in tune with each other.
    I also love that you have post labels under "porn."

  7. Yeah, pretty sure porn is a given.


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