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Friday, October 30, 2009

Costumes of kids whose parents have waaaay too much time on their hands...

The boys' school hosts a cut-throat, ultra-competitive fun Halloween parade each year. Each of the grades parades around the gym exactly two times while they are judged by unbiased administrators, and the winners in each grade are awarded.... a candy bar. This event is extremely well attended by parents who want to get a jump on next year's competition see their cute little ones parade around the gym. This year's parade offered no exception, perfectly exemplifying that some kids' parents have just way too much time on their hands.

Take a look...

Ya can't buy that in a store, can you?

Look - an entire Peter Pan cast + boat

check out the spookey homemade haunted houses
and the parrot....
It's a Maryland crab theme...complete with a mallet and Old Bay seasoning
For this one I took a video - this is a "costume" of the poor teacher who patrols traffic in the morning as parents are dropping their kids off at school and again in the afternoon when parents return to pick up their kids. Cell phones are strictly prohibited....
And then there are my parental-creativity-deprived kids...


and... um.... ?

These 2 just cracked me up....

that's a boy in those red high-heeled boots.
Happy Halloween, all! ;)


  1. Oh my....yes, I would say waaay too much time on their hands. Themes? I dont even have to time to think of doing themes, let alone DO them. I must say I LOVED the blind referee..classic.

    My poor boys have to settle with wearing their own sports uniforms, with homemade slings for their arms, fake blood and black eyes (football and baseball player after really rough games) and my daughter is wearing the same dress she wore for her angel costume last year, I just added a cheap tiara and toy "jewelry" for a princess costume. Yeah it took a total of five minutes to create all three.

    By the way, that parrot costume with a pirate on the back? That kind of creeps me out.

  2. Wow. My daughter just had her costume parade at school (they get to parade outside because so many attend) but we don't have parents with quite that much time on their hands!!!

  3. Too funny! Mine are Boba and Jango Fett. Purchased online.

    I did homemade invitations to HRH's birthday party and one mom asked if he was my only.

  4. Much like the science fair. Total parent competition. Which is exactly why my kids never win. I'm just too lazy to get involved.

    No school yesterday for our school district, so the halloween parade was cancelled. (I do not understand the logic, but I am completely fine with it). YAY. Last year by the time I made it to the school my child's class had already walked past and was back to the classroom. baha. I'm a loser parent!

    I want to say something about the boy with the red boots; but maybe he's yours? That lady looking at him is sure happy.

    Happy Halloween!

  5. Oh now I see, I missed the word MY.

  6. Funniest costume I ever saw was a kid dressed up as a washing machine. Little clear plastic window to look out of, it we hilarious.

  7. Wow! I mean just...wow! Those parents are just weird. Some of those would fit in a major parade. It must be a tough school.

    I've given you an award at my blog http://www.StarlightBlog.com Don't worry if you don't have time to do the whole award thing. Just know that your blog is appreciated.

  8. red boots and a dress made out of twister game--those were some pretty creative costumes. Have a happy halloween :-o

  9. Wow stiff competition this year,did you notice that one kid was an actual rubix cube! I am so gonna steal that idea for next year :) lol by the by,I am loving the title of your blog :)

  10. 1. it only took 10 years at that school to win a candy bar.
    2. i got the "assignment" to make the Crab Mallet the NIGHT before the parade at 5pm
    3. only took 2 adults 2 hours to make it, 2 boxes, tons of packing tape, box knife, packing paper, hair spray (was out of spray glue) and then sprinkled the costume with actual Old Bay.
    4. son was extatic when they called them for a win
    5. priceless
    6. repeat for the next 4 years for the daughter

  11. I am one of the non-creative moms :-) I think there was a boy in my son's first grade class dressed as a girl. I was afraid to ask. Its funny when they are teenagers, but first grade, it is a little awkward?

  12. Some of those costumes are really a facade of the real costume: a kids who is begging to get his ass kicked after school. WTH with Shamoo?


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