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Friday, April 30, 2010

Birthday um... wishes

One of my best friends, knowing me quite well, gave me the following birthday card. Don't bother wishing me a happy birthday; it was last month. :)

Open it up...

Being the model mother I am, I immediately shared it with the 11-year old and the 14-year-old.


  1. From what I know about you after reading your blog a while, it totally fits you! Great card!

  2. I bet they didn't realize how funny it was......

  3. So funny! And I'm going to wish you a happy birthday, anyway. So there.

  4. Outstanding. I recently got a birthday card that is based on a Stephen Wright bit.

    Outside: (hot woman talking to an old guy): "I'm going to the annual Nymphomaniacs convention. Plus, I'm also speaking there on how Native American men, Jewish men, and Redneck men are the greatest lovers. So, tell me about you."

    Inside: "My name's Tonto Goldstein, but my friends call me Bubba."

  5. I love that card. I completely understand sharing it with your kids...it's important to teach them proper grammar.

  6. Mine was last month, too.

    I love that card!

  7. Love it!

    Best card I ever got said "Encumbered by low self-esteem, Bob takes a job as a speed bump."

  8. llol....I received the same card!! Thats awesome. Happy Birthday anyway.

  9. wow, that is the most perfect card for you!
    god i suck at remembering bdays anymore.
    i'll get you some wine.
    love you!

  10. What a perfect card for you and.....happy BELATED birthday!

  11. Would it surprise you to know that I have received that card (from a different person) every year for the past 4 or 5 years? 2 years ago I got it from two different people. I have also given that card.
    I love that card.
    And happy belated birthday.


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