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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I just had a horrifying thought...

A couple of days ago I had a horrifying thought, most disconcerting.
In a little over 2 weeks I'll be swimming, cycling and running in my first triathlon.
I've run enough races - 5Ks, half marathons, marathons, 10-milers - to know that the one thing a participant needs to do before the start of the race is PEE. A combination of nerves and caffeine-providing coffee makes every runner have to pee multiple times before the start of the race.
The paucity of portapots combined with an overabundance of runners needing to pee before the race lends itself to a situation in which many runners pee wherever any cover whatsoever may be found, and folks get creative.
So here's my horrifying thought. In a triathlon, I assume everyone will have to pee before the start of the race as well.... but.... the first leg of a triathlon is the SWIM.
Are you with me? Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
It SUCKS to be a slow swimmer...
oh, well. I suppose it will warm up the water.


  1. Oh gosh. I bet you are right, so try not to swallow.

    Good luck! (on the entire race; not just the pee part).

  2. Reason #2,392 not to do a tri........... LOL

  3. Ew. Well...maybe if you keep that in mind, you wont be such a slow swimmer after all.

  4. haha...I like mama-face's comment.

    Good luck!

  5. It'll be diluted. You'll be fine. Shower after. A lot.

  6. That thought might be the incentive needed to swim faster (says the woman who can't swim).

    I'm going to use "paucity of portapots" in a sentence today...it's fun to say.

    Good luck! Here's to cold water...

  7. HA! Ok that made me laugh. I've never done the triathlon thing, but that is a horrifying thought.

    Love your blog! -Lindz

  8. I don't think I could pee and swim at the same time.


    Good Luck!

  9. This might be the first time the phrase "paucity of portapots" has ever been written. Awesome.

  10. Oh EWWW. Best of luck!!!

  11. I'm sure it won't be the first time you swam in pee. You know what those kids do in the pool. Cheers!


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