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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The secret to a good run

I finally had a kick-butt run yesterday, and, as one does when one has a good workout, I tried to figure out why I was feeling so much more energetic. I just kept running faster and faster. 5 miles: first mile: 9:03. 2nd: 8:37. 3rd: 8:05. 4th: 7:47. 5th: 7:36. or something like that. chah.

Here are the components to my awesome run:

- evening. I always seem to run well in the evening. mornings suck (on so many levels).
- perfect weather. drizzle and 60 degrees. Doesn't get better than that!
- my running buddy Sophie along with me.... NOT. Sophie had to be coaxed along with me running away from the house. At times I felt like I was dragging her... "pretend you're chasing a squirrel, Soph," I kept telling her. On the way home she practically sprinted ahead of me. sandbagging German Shepherd.
- rest day yesterday. Rest is good.
- Finally.. my world famous chocolate chip cookies, which the 11-year-old and I made that afternoon, both provided incentive (I had, um... enough dough to equal about 4 cookies, I'd estimate, plus 2 cooked cookies) and sugar energy!

I'd just like to mention, for the record, that my cookies are superior to mama-face's cookies. ;)


  1. Ha! But they are not superior to mine!


    I like that list, except for the evening part.

  2. Hey I had some cookies yesterday, too. I'm going to go ahead and call that a workout.

  3. Last summer I would take long (for me) bike rides on the weekends. They'd go on for 50 or 60 miles and it never failed that by the last 5 miles or so my thighs were burning and I felt like I might die. Then, one day, I made the 55 with no pain whatsoever... and I wondered what I did that had been sooo right. It almost had to be nutrition-related, but I couldn't think of anything I'd eaten that was out of the ordinary.

    Maybe, all this time, it had been a cookie I'd had between meals.

  4. Cookies are like dynamite. I concede, that your cookies are undoubtedly beter than mine.

    (though, I think the ones to be had down the street at the "medical marijuana" place might give yours a run for their money...)

  5. Okay. Time for a bake off. My place or yours?

    Let's wait until I have my new ovens though. (I ate about 3 dozen of my world famous cookies on Saturday. You should be jealous).

    Thanks for the shout out!! lol


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