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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Totally unrelated subjects

First, my kids and their friend are currently outside catching bees in jars. Yes, that's right. Catching bees in jars. I know, I know. It's stupid. Do I admonish them for their stupidity before trauma strikes or do I let them learn the hard way?

On a completely different subject, I have just finished eating my favorite post-run treat, which is one of those yummy lemonade Edy's all natural popsicles. Only... I didn't get to eat the whole thing, really, because whenever I get to the end, and the popsicle is thin and hanging on to the popsicle stick by a thread, it generally falls off unless I pop the entire, really cold, big hunk in my mouth. Neither of these outcomes is particularly desirable. If it falls off, poof. Gonzo. Sadness. If I have to pop the entire thing in my mouth so it doesn't fall off, well it's FREEZING and not so enjoyable. What a conundrum.

I'm just saying...


  1. How do you eat those things while running? When I'm running in the heat, it's hard to even carry on a conversation. Can't even imagine the level of skill required to prevent the last vestiges of a popsicle from falling off the stick...

  2. Seriously, your drawings floor me! Of course this one sort of looks like a meat cleaver is about to come down on you, but whatever.

    When that little piece is about to fall off I'd find a way to have it drop in a cup. Waste not, want not.

  3. I think that is possibly your best picture to date. I would need to look at all of them together to be sure though. There's a post for you! Not saying you need help with posting, but, um, get me out of this one...

    I LOVE the quote from your mom. so much. I agree with her whole-heartedly.

    Did I mention that I am glad you are back?

  4. I hate that "end of the popsicle dilema" myself. I always pop the painfully cold thing in my mouth too. It the price we must pay for the popsicle enjoyment experience, I supposre.

  5. I saw a hybrid bee/fly today on my deck. It looked like a fly but had yellow and black stripes, like a bee. Are those Africanized bees finally headed this way?

  6. I say go for the popping the whole collapsing popsicle in your mouth. I have no reason to say this other than it sounds right.

  7. I'm feeling a little guilty at how totally hot this post seemed to me . . .

  8. just wave! not a runner, but i wish i was! i guess my little boys are training me now, though. llol!

  9. That IS a difficult choice. I say try to save some of that popsicle. You may need to apply it to bee stings.
    (Love the etch-a-sketch drawings, btw)


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