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Friday, August 28, 2009

Hiring, anyone?

So... remember the 11-year-old son who started the lemonade stand franchise?
yeah. him. My kid.
Recently we had friends visiting. I bought, because I'm a wild 'n' crazy kinda mom, a case of Orange Fanta (like crack for kids whose mom, in typical practice, does not purchase food stuffs with hydrogenated oils or food coloring) as a special treat.
While the group was outside, the 11-year-old and his female 11-year-old visiting friend (an angel on earth) volunteered to go inside, make sandwiches, and bring them out for the rest of the group. I should rephrase to state that, in actuality, the female 11-year-old (angel on earth) volunteered the both of 'em before my 11-year-old son could reasonably protest, much to his dismay.
I was delighted. A KID (well, kidS) going inside to fix MY lunch for ME and the rest of the crew. Surely pigs were flying somewhere.
An appropriate amount of time later, the two 11-year-olds emerged with the cooler in hand, complete with sandwiches for all and orange Fantas for the kids.
"Hey, cool..." the adults observed, "you guys get Orange Fantas, huh?"
"Yeah," the female 11-year-old (angel on earth) replied, "he made me pay him $1 for it."
After a healthy degree of horrified laughter, we learned that she had bargained her way down from $5.
I think he'll make a fine used car salesman someday.


  1. Gotta love a blog that makes running-- a sport about putting one foot in front of the other over and over and over again-- seem the most entertaining topic in the world. Glad I found ya. I'll be back!

  2. Hum....I hope I'm not in need of a car when your son gets his first job!

  3. Wow. When he starts selling ice to Eskimos, let us know!

  4. That is way too funny! Quite the financial genius you've got on your hands. However, I'd have appreciated a picture. ;)

  5. Garsh, that is way sweet, no pun intended. What a great mom you are; your kids are great. Kind and generous. And Smart.

  6. I think he will, and how were the sandwiches?

  7. LLOL! Now I really think you're on to something with that used car salesman thing! Great story!!! And thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  8. "Surely, pigs were flying somewhere . . . ." That's FUNNY! I have yet to see pigs take wing. Kudos to you for such a great story.

  9. Someone (I forget who) blogged about her kid's lemonade stand management skills a couple weeks ago . . . I think you need to get these kids together.

  10. Get that kid into business school, STAT! With an MBA, he could rule the world and stimulate the economy all on his own!

  11. Love the look of the site these days. Your son will be able to take care of himself no problem. The girl didn't do too bad of a job bargaining him down.

  12. Yup, Chicago Heatathon! i was there. it was miserable, but I ducked out at mile 8 as I knew my BQ in that weather wasn't going to happen.

    Thanks for checking out my blog, and best of luck in your next BQ attempt. 4 minutes?! You can do that!


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