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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quick update...

For those of you who were concerned, I've gone grocery shopping now. Since I hadn't been in awhile, a widely known fact by now, it was one of those doozy trips where items are awkwardly overflowing from the grocery cart and the cart itself becomes physically unwieldy and quite challenging to maneuver... BUT I was reminded of a KEY strategy in grocery store shopping. Have you ever been all finished with your shopping, cart full, and making your way toward the check out aisles? Every once in awhile (more often than I'd like), it is inevitable that someone, also with a full cart, is heading towards the check out aisles SIMULTANEOUSLY. !!!!! What do you do?! Anxiety increases. Tension builds. You and someone else are both looking for the shortest line and this is now a dog-eat-dog, take no prisoners quest to be the first one to find the shortest line and GET IN IT BEFORE the hapless other person! BUT you're in a grocery store, presumably among your own community, with neighbors... you really need to act with some degree of reasonable decorum. What do you do?

Fret no more... employ one of the integral grocery store shopping survival strategies as you approach the cashiers' aisles. Calmly but assertively stride toward the open aisle with the shortest line and wholly AVERT your eyes from your fellow shopper. DO NOT, under any circumstances whatsoever, make eye contact with the competition. Quietly, with your eyes slightly downward, yet fixed on the sure target, make your way confidently (don't run, for crying out loud) towards the aisle of your choice. It's all yours. DON'T turn around to see who you left in the dust. Inwardly savor your victory.

By the way Рmy whole family loved the boxed mashed potatoes I made for dinner to complement the pot roast and saut̩ed broccoli.


  1. I hate the grocery store for that reason...I started going later on Friday night for the week. And on Thursday, we sometimes have frozen waffles for dinner :)

  2. ooh. I never thought of using frozen waffles for dinner... that's a fabulous idea! They're fortified with vitamins, filling, enjoyable to kids (unless they're multi-grain...see my poll). That is clever! Thanks! :)


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