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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What Could Have Been...

It’s been kind of a busy day so I haven’t entered an entry for the blog today. Having little self-esteem, I figured no one would notice anyway. Was I wrong! I got a phone call around 5 this evening from a disappointed reader… (okay; it was my brother, but hey – a fan is a fan, right?) “Where’s the blog entry?” he complained.

After working all day and retrieving my children from school, I am now sitting here (avoiding the making of dinner) trying to think of something about which I have time to write. I have lots of ideas, but so little time; I know, I’m preaching to the choir.

Think think think

I could start to write about how my ten-year-old lost his cool this morning, just fell to pieces, over not being able to send an email efficiently… but that would take WAY too much time…

I could write about how my dog chewed up a library book and I went to the library and wholeheartedly confessed and earnestly opened my wallet to pay for it even before the book was due which has me so upset I’m writing this run-on sentence…. But that, too, would take me a bit of time.

I could write about how I can’t write with someone looking over my shoulder…lol. Nah.

I could write about the phenomenon I encountered while doing a 10-mile run with my sister in law (which is that we were running against the wind down a straight path for 5 miles and looking forward to turning around and having the wind against our backs. We turned around, and the wind shifted and was in our faces again. How WRONG is that? ooph.)

I could write about the parking ticket I received today. I paid the meter for an hour, received the ticket 6 minutes after the meter expired, and returned to my car 3 minutes after I had received the ticket. I calculated that I paid $3.82 per minute after the meter expired. Sheesh. I cannot, however, think upon that event too humorously yet. I’d rather growl about that. (by the way, hon – I got a parking ticket today).

I could write about having had lunch with an old college roommate today (well, she’s not old and I’m not old) and she told me about this great blog called http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.com/ . Apparently he started a blog kinda like this (check it out; it’s hysterical) and now has a book deal. Hellloooo? Anyone out there wanna give me a book deal yet? I’d settle for a newspaper column? Anyone? Anyone?

So… I guess today’s blog is just about what I could have written about… but didn’t. Sorry!

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