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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

By popular demand...

Okay.. many of you have requested the "after" pictures from the big cleanup ( http://literallylaughingoutloud.blogspot.com/2009/03/things-have-to-get-worse-before-they.html). Someday I'll learn how to provide the link more gracefully.... (Wendy from On the Front Porch --http://wendysees.blogspot.com/ --has tutored me but I'm slow...). Here again are the before pictures...

The floor is there somewhere... this was actually taken before the worst of it... see my previous blog for the really painful picture.

yada yada yada...

That's a "desk"...

And now I proudly present the "after" photos, once again proving that bribery is good: (kinda anticlimactic, but I'm a happy mom):

He can use his desk for homework now!!

It's DUSTABLE now!!! (not that I do that...) Dusting sucks. Who has time to dust?

There is now a clear path to the window so that, when he desires to throw things at other kids outside, it is much easier...


This should last about 2 days?


  1. Love the before and afters... I tend to use threats over bribery. It costs me less. But after seeing your results, I might just try the bribery option.

    As for pretty links - go to http://tinyurl.com/ and type or paste the link into the box. Click "Make TinyURL".
    This page is originally: http://literallylaughingoutloud.blogspot.com/2009/03/by-popular-demand.html
    but becomes:

    It's not as pretty as a "click me" link, but easier to do than entering a URL in blogger if you're techno-challenged :)

  2. I think my favorite part has to be the random box of Crunch n Munch. It is good stuff, though, so I can't fault him for his taste in snack food.

  3. 2 days if you're lucky.

    Wouldn't last 2 minutes with my boy. Seriously.

    Will I ever NOT be stepping on small plastic things again?

  4. Kay, thank you SOOOO much! I'll try it!

    Shawn, just so you know... we DO have a rule that there is to be no food outside of the kitchen. You can see what good listeners my boys are....

    Natasha - the small plastic things turn into breakable electronic devices...

  5. Ah, the good old days! When my son finally moved out of the house after college graduation, we found all kinds of things in his room - half eaten sandwiches, old sneakers, etc. - under his bed. Since we didn't find any critters, we assumed that they didn't want to be in that room either.

  6. Looks great! It's so hard to get motivated to clean when you know your work will be destroyed in a matter of days, or in my case, hours.

    Did I mention that my son has the same quilt on his bed?


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