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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dear University of Maryland,

Dear University of Maryland,

You are quite fortunate, indeed, to be able to display the simple, unobjectionable colors of red and white as your school colors. I went to a high school whose colors were the abominable black and orange (guess what our mascot was?!), and there are educational institutions whose colors are even more hideous (although none comes to mind at present time).

Although admittedly I've been a fair-weather fan of your college basketball team this year (come on; you have had some pretty pathetic losses to below average teams...), I have caught a few games on tv. After having watched these few games, I have one comment:

What's with the loathesome gold uniforms? wtf? Our colors are R-E-D and W-H-I-T-E. Yes, the beautiful Maryland state flag has gold on it; however 1) it is a much prettier tone of yellow/gold and 2) it serves to complement the red, black and white colors. It works for the Maryland flag.

Bright, puke-gold uniforms do nothing for the players, nor for the spectators. The sad part is, these invidious uniforms are unnecessary! Some schools are stuck with odious colors, but we're lucky! We have red and white!

Change is bad, very bad!

Can we please have the old uniforms back?

Thanks very much!


A troubled, admittedly fair-weathered fan.


  1. Those are AWFUL uniforms.

    I'm a 'Nole fan and I gotta say, I've always though garnet and gold were great colors. [As long as it's GOLD and not yellow]

    Also, orange and blue is worse than orange and black IMO, but I'm probably biased!

  2. Aren't they horrendous? lol. I had orange and black in high school and orange and blue in college! I get this lovely red and white for grad school and bang! Puke yellow/gold uniforms. lol. You're an FSU fan, huh? Someday I should write about their deafening war chant during games accompanied by the tomahawk chop movement! Very intimidating! My brother went to Auburn so we have a little ACC/SEC conflict....


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