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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Things have to get worse before they get better, right?

The room-cleaning project continues... and this is an actual photo of my 10-year-old's room. Here is an actual quote from him: "hey - if you take away the stuff on the floor, my room has never looked better!"

I see wine in my future...


  1. A whole bottle of wine, by the looks of things.

    May I offer you a nice pinot?

  2. OMG, save the AU foam finger at any cost ($5) retail.

  3. Thanks, Natasha! I actually had a nice margarita before dinner to take off the edge a little... lol

  4. Oh, man...

    My son has that same comforter! But it's my oldest daughter's room that usually looks like this. I can't wait for the "after" pics!... There will be "after" pics, right??? ;)

  5. Well, the bad news is... that's how his room looks. The good news is... I'm feeling a lot better about my boys room (cause it looks quite similar). I thought for a second you'd somehow gotten into my house and had been taking pictures. LOL.


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