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Monday, April 6, 2009

Decisions, decisions...

My 10-year-old son was getting ready yesterday to go to a birthday party.

Here is, word for word, what he was saying to himself as he was searching his closet after I told him he needed to change into something a bit more presentable:

“Wow… I have a lot of nice collared polo shirts here that I forgot about. I thought I would just wear this one; it’s such a nice shade of blue..and brand new so it’s fresh and crisp and it looks great on me, but there are all these choices…

I feel like a girl – I can’t decide what to wear. What kind of boy can’t decide what to wear? I’m a disgrace to boys everywhere….You’re gonna blog about this, aren’t you, Mom?”


  1. Haha, well he did have to be told to change, so he hasn't completely brought shame onto the honor of being a boy.

  2. lol. RIGHT! GOOD POINT! (whew...)

  3. I love this. And I know just the son you're speaking of. It's the son that likes to hold onto everything, like wrapping paper and such, right? He is a sweet, sensitive little man. He's a real man. Some woman is going to be very fortunate to find him when he gets older. You're doing well by your boys. : )Tammy in Asheville

  4. At least he cares what he looks like.
    By the way, the picture in my last post is not my closet. Bought that picture on line. Wouldn't be caught dead wearing the shoes on the right. But, my baseboards are that clean. At least where the dogs aren't allowed to go!

  5. lol! great post! what are mothers for if we can't embaress our kids from time to time

  6. ah yes. the people near and dear to me have come to expect i shall make a public mockery about them at any moment.

    like the blog ;)

  7. Now I'm literally laughing out loud! I love when their inner monologue becomes and outer monologue.

    I love my boys in fresh, crisp, new polos.

  8. Tammy... I don't think the girls will have to work to hard to find him... he's like a bull in a china shop...

    Jen - lol. ok. still impressed with the baseboards!

    Kaye - absolutely. teaches them proper humility.

    blunt delivery - thanks so much! I checked out your blog and you are way more talented than I... thanks for the compliment!

    Manic mommy - lol. thanks!

    much obliged for reading, y'all....

  9. Didn't you just have a post recently that had one of your kids talking to himself? Is this a common event at your house? Are you training them to do this so you will have things to blog about? I want to know so I can start training my kids to do that. :)

    Love your stories!

  10. Wendy, indeed I did... it was singing to himself, actually (the 13-yr-old making his own theme song)... lol. I WISH I could train my kids to talk to themselves... my fear is that it's genetic!


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