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Monday, April 13, 2009

Don't leave me with the babies!

(LEFT: baby Sophie)
You know that television commercial during which the old couple (parents) comes to visit the young couple with new twin babies? The babies’ grandparents think they’re coming for a nice visit and, as soon as they begin ascending the house’s front door steps, the young couple quickly grabs their suitcases and whisk themselves off to the car and drive away before their parents can stop them? The grandparents yell, desperately, “don’t leave us with the babies!!!”

Have we all seen that commercial?

Well, I think Sophie (my 1 ½-year-old German Shepherd) can identify. I’ve noticed that, when I leave the dog with the two boys, ages 10 and 13, I get a similar reaction from her (the dog). As I’m preparing to go, the dog, ever keenly observant, notices something is up.

Uh-oh. Mom is putting on her shoes. Gasp! She’s just grabbed her purse. The keys are out. OMG… I think she’s going to … LEAVE ME!!!”

She walks around, nervously agitated and clearly anxious, as I’m getting my stuff together to get out the door. She should be fine, because the boys are home; she won’t be alone.

Oh no I think she really IS leaving… and these little boys are here! Argh! I’ll never survive this! It’ll be the end of me!”

I swear as I walk out the door saying “bye-bye, Soph,” she is pleading with me via her K9 puppy-dog eyes: “don’t leave me with the boys!!!”

What happens while I’m gone?


  1. When my brother and his friends were teenagers, they would have great fun wrapping his friend's cat in scotch tape. The paws, the tail... I can't imagine that the cat liked seeing the adults leave the house either. Thank goodness we never had a cat.

  2. It involves a saddle and a rather slipshod obstacle course.

  3. Sophie is so cute and you're right her eyes are begging please don't go! Hmmm I wonder what those boys of yours do while you're gone. The worst my girls do to our yellow lab is dress up. Sonny (my dog) doesn't tolerate it for long and runs away.

  4. Sounds like it might be time for a nanny-cam! Poor Sophie!

  5. Maybe Sophie needs a buddy. How about another cute shepherd to keep her company. Then they can gang up on the boys. That puppy picture is so cute!


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