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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Random thoughts

Random thought #1, provoked by my 13-year-old asking me: "Mom, why do you give us chocolate for holidays and then eat it yourself?" It was a pretty good question, I had to admit. It was much better when Santa or the Easter bunny brought the chocolate that I then filched from the boys. I've pondered and pondered, except that I don't really have an answer. I just have a chocolate weakness. My younger son wisely hid his Easter basket from me soon (like 5 minutes) after he had received it. I found it accidentally yesterday while I was emptying the dishwasher (that sounds pretty funny, doesn't it? No, it wasn't in the dishwasher...). I promptly pilfered 6 or 7 mini Nestle Crunch eggs (and ate them, of course) before I yelled to him: "hey! I found your basket! You'd better move it before I eat it all!"

"Okay; I'm coming!" he answered. "Did you eat anything from it?"

"Yes; I had 2 eggs," I compromised.

The 13-year-old didn't have the good, common sense to hide his basket from me, thus prompting the above question. sigh. I love chocolate. My wsil's only fault is that she doesn't care for chocolate... (or maybe that's a different random thought...)

Random Thought #2: I heard "Another Brick in the Wall" by Pink Floyd this morning on my satellite radio channel 80s on 8. I had no idea that song came out in 1980 - I had it placed in the 70s...

Random Thought #3 occurred to me in the waiting room of the dentist's office earlier this week. The boys had their dentist appointments on Easter Monday while there was no school in session. I didn't really realize until we arrived that the 10-year-old looked rather grungy; he was dressed for comfort, in a baggy pair of blue sweatpants with a hole in the knee. As he was getting up to meet the dental hygienist at the waiting room door, I admonished him: "buddy, it would be fabulous if you could dress a little more nicely out in public." Then I slowly looked down at myself: running tights, running top with a sweatshirt over it, ponytail, a hat, no make-up...

Random Thought # 4 hit me as I was parking at the gym last week. Why do people (myself included) attempt to park as close as possible at the gym?


  1. Lying about chocolate comsumption... you know that's a sign that you may have a problem. At least you didn't hit the 50% off Easter candy aisle at Walgreens... or did you?

  2. I park as closely as possible anywhere.

    I'm so glad we didn't do Easter this year. Now I don't have to worry about candy pilfering, rationing, hiding, etc.

    I would have guessed that song from the '70s, too.

  3. my husband is one of those who parks in the nether-world

    and I wouldn't worry about the chocolate so much--you're running and need all those calories


  4. I just had a buttered popcorn flavored jelly belly (stolen from HRH's basket). Mmmm.

    The new car has XM. Check out channel 44; it's classic alternative, aka early 80s New Wave. I *will* be keeping XM after the 3 month suck-you-in period.

  5. That's why I was always careful to consume all of my Easter candy within hours of receiving it. Okay, that's not why, but it sounds good.

  6. Soooo funny! I have the same chocolate weakness.

  7. you know, this is even funnier as i'm sitting here eating that cadbury chocolate bar (featured in the picture) which my aunt gave to my boyfriend...

    and about twitter... well i was reluctant til i finally caved like a week ago. most of my friends are updated on my blog via Facebook, but this is a good way for random people who come to your blog to be able to get updates and what not. JUST DO IT! give in!

  8. I also have a chocolate weakness and eat candy that was meant for my kids. I always try to make myself feel better by thinking well they shouldn't be eating all that chocolate anyway. I'm sure as my girls get oloder they'll hide theirs from me too.


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