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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Queen for a day

Today it’s all about me; you see, it’s my birthday. And I am not a hypocrite. When I blogged a few days ago lamenting that my newly-labeled 13-year-old son wanted no attention on his birthday… and wondered whose kid that was because I wanted attention on my birthday…. I was not being disingenuous.

It’s my birthday!!!
(thank you, thank you, hold your applause).

Here’s a list of the exciting tasks awaiting me while I am Queen for a day:

1- Clean up the cat’s overnight puke. Lovely.

2- Empty the cat’s box (scoop the poop and tinkle…).

3- Take out the garbage (alright, no big deal on that one).

4- Go renew my driver’s license at the Motor Vehicle Administration. Oh BOY!!! I tried to do it yesterday… blew my hair dry and put on makeup for my snazzy new picture and everything… but it was closed! They closed at 4:30, a ½ hour earlier than the rest of the 9-5ers… (and I had showered and done my HAIR and everything!). Truthfully I’ve had the notice of renewal for approximately 6 weeks, but I wanted to look decent in the picture…and I never seem to get the shower in until afternoon (why shower, run, then shower again when I work at home?) I’m the gal, when we have the morning coffees, that shows up in the running clothes with the hair in a ponytail (before the run). Then in the afternoon the boys are home from school and all hell breaks loose, so no time for the MVA… So… I will be venturing to the MVA today… (I’ve showered!). Keep your fingers crossed for no lines. What should I put for my "weight?" (flashback to 10 years ago when I got the license I've now had for ten years… the boys were 3 and 1 and I prayed for long lines since the boys were, blissfully, home with the husband. I was out… alone… with no babies… I just wanted to sit and veg and savor the time alone. Alas, the MVA was oxymoronically efficient. Whaddya wanna bet they’re not today?)

5- Do the long run I didn’t get in on Sunday. I tried ( yes, I'm whining here)… I started… but I got to mile 1 and my body started poking me irritatingly on the shoulder like a little kid who needs attention: “excuse me? Um. What are you doing?” Mile 2 voices: “throw in the towel, honey… this isn’t happening today…” I persevered, thinking I was just warming up (couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the bachelorette party the night before for my future sister-in-law). Around mile 4 I decided to listen to the wise voices and turned it into a recovery run. 6 SLOW miles. But I have to get a 20-miler in for the Jersey marathon training (may 3) so today’s the day…

6- Oh yeah…. That pesky “work” thing. Gotta work.

7- Laundry. I can’t avoid it. It’s literally overflowing from the hampers. I’ve tried to get the family members to cut down on all the laundry by going around naked, but I’ve encountered a lot of resistance. I thought it was a good idea, myself.

That’s all okay, though… because no cooking tonight! Sushi and a glass of wine for the queen!


  1. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a full day of stinky tasks, well hopefully not the MVA.

  2. Alas, work doesn't stop just because it's your birthday, but have a good one anyway.

  3. Happy birthday! I will say that if someone told me I had to run 20 miles on my birthday, it would probably be my last. Hell, even 1 mile.

  4. Happy Birthday!!

    I remember considering the dentist to be 'me time.' Oh. Wait. I still do - and I'm going tomorrow! Yippee!

  5. Thanks, everyone! LOL. Yes - the dentist IS good "me time." If only the hygienist wouldn't continuously TALK to you while she's doing the teeth cleaning when quite obviously one cannot answer... Shawn, LOL... nah. You could do a mile...

  6. well i have a hot dental hygienist so i definitely like "me time" at the dentists office. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU!!! my mom never told me to ask a womans age so i wont ask you but im gonna wonder like hell. i hope youre having a great day and for my birthday, i ran 39 miles so 20 miles sounds awesome!

  7. Happy Birthday Queenie-SIL

  8. Happy Birthday!!!

    Sorry I'm late to the party. I know you read my blog, so I know you'll understand...

  9. Happy B-day! Hope you found some fun. We get to mail in our Dl renewals. I've had the same picture for 8 years now and I get to keep it another 4 at least.


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