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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Forced labor

So I'm at work, the kind for which I get paid, on the computer recently... and I need to download a file.

A little message pops up that says:

“downloading 'yada yada yada.' This may take a few minutes. You can use your computer to do other tasks while you’re waiting.”

Like I need my computer to make suggestions as to what I can do with my time while I'm waiting? Not only that, but I must use IT to multi-task? What if I want to fold the laundry? Or unload the dishwasher? Or make a phone call? Or enjoy a margarita? What a narcisstic computer I have!

It can byte me. :)


  1. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have an older computer......

    It mocks me........

    It laughs at me.....

    and it lies to me......

    When it says: "You can do other things while you wait"......

    What it means is....... "Try it, and watch me smoke, baby"......

    ( yeah.... I found out the hard way once, that smoke coming out of the computer...... is NOT a good thing........ and should never be ignored..... not even when you're busy googling George Clooney to make sure he's still single...)

    But since I don't have your quick wit...... ( my wit stays in bed, till like 5 in the afternoon.... and after that.. what's the point??? )

    I have never once thought to suggest my Computer "Byte ME'......

    love it!!!!!!

  2. Are you using that same computer to type this blog?

    Because they *know* things. I am convinced that if you don't apologize it really will byte you...

  3. But...why would you EVER want to fold the laundry? Or unload the dishwasher? Or make a phone call?
    Make yourself a margarita and BLOG.

  4. llol...byte. Good one. I know computers are getting a little big for their britches these days? Like they rule the world or something....

  5. Are You Serious? I NEED a computer to tell me what to do. Where can I get me one of those?

    I just awarded you an award. You may check it out right now. Once you are done folding the laundry.


  6. See, I'd love to be a computer software designer. I'd make the program suggest different things every time.

    "Files downloading. Go have yourself a couple beers and check back in a few."

  7. here, here! I'm reading my blog roll while I wait for photo's to upload to Walmart.

  8. "Byte me" is a good one. I also don't appreciate my computer reminding me how much smarter she is than I. But she's good to me overall, so I try not to hold a grudge.

  9. If anyone tells me what to do with my time, I get twisty. It doesn't matter a lick that what is suggested is good advice and I should heed it.

    Do. Not. Tell. Me. What. To. Do.
    (Unless I ask.)
    (Or if there is lipstick on my teeth and I need to wipe it off.)
    (Or if I'm burning something on the stove.)

  10. The time I spend waiting for my computer is downright ridiculous! Maybe next time I'll go for the Margarita!

  11. Hahahaha...that cracks me up. Your computer might bye you again for talking about it. hehehe


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