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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

There's nothing to DO, Mom....

13-year-old boy: "Mooooommmmm. When is it gonna stop raining?"

Mom: "Hmmm. Let me consult my crystal ball..."

13-year-old boy: "This weather stinks."

10-year-old boy: "I'm booorrreeeed."

Mom: "You're bored? Well... you could vacuum the car? clean out the Tupperware cabinet? Clean the toilets? Vacuum the dog hair? Read? Empty the dishwasher? Go through the recipe files and figure out what's for dinner? Fill out these school forms for next year? Pay the bills? Buy birthday cards for the months of June and July? Write a thank you note for the crab feast we attended? Read? Do a puzzle? Do a load of laundry? Clean up your room? Figure out which clothes don't fit anymore? Clean the cat's litter box?"

boys: "awww, moooommmm. There's nothing to do."


  1. We Mom's love to pull the good ol' To-Do List out when a kid gives us the "I'm bored" routine, don't we? I don't remember when was the last time I ever had time to be bored. Do you?

  2. Now come on, once you've been a parent for more than say, five years, you KNOW that a kid's definition of "something to do" is MUCH different from adults'.

    At least they're not throwing water balloons in the hallway.

  3. this is so true to life that it is almost painful.

    Had the very conversation with my daughter today. She messed with her hair for an hour and she was okay after that.

  4. I know...they never like OUR suggestions, do they?

  5. They should start a blog.
    There's ALWAYS something needs doing when I'm blogging...

  6. lol. The second day of summer I was having to deal with this. I have a 14 year old boy who was driving me nuts. When i was little saying I am bored got me cleaning baseboards. No joke.

  7. We quickly learned as kids not to tell Mom we were bored.

  8. And when they're done with all that fun, send them out here to me. They can teach me how to eat crabS.

  9. lmao...how hard did they laugh at those suggestions?


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