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Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm definitely not sure...

I have cold-weather exercise-induced asthma. If I never tried to run outside during cold weather it wouldn't really matter; however, as you all know by now, I'm a runner. One puff of Advair before a run in the cold does the trick.
Why am I telling you this? It's just background. Keep going.
I get mail-order refills for the Advair prescription that last 3 months. (still background, I know. Hang with me here...)
The last time I ordered a refill the 3-month prescription, I received double the amount (a 6-month prescription). No problem, but they also charged me double. Problem.
Well, this should be a snap, I thought. I'll simply call my friendly customer service representative at blah blah mail order prescription service.
After plowing through touch tone hell, I was finally connected to a human being.... but, alas, not a very smart one.
I suggested that I simply send the extra 3 months' prescription back for a refund.
Nope. No can do, she explained. Ya just can't return prescriptions.
She suggested I just keep it all and suck it up. She wasn't rude, just a little, well, blonde.
Um. No. Nice idea, but I only use it during the winter, and it has a shelf life... you see where I'm going with this. She didn't, though. Double payment for ability to use half of drug = money not well spent.
I charmingly convinced her that a credit or a refund, notwithstanding my inability to return the drug (since it wasn't my fault), would be the right thing to do. She agreed.
Just to follow up on our solution, I summarized at the end of our conversation:
me: "Okay; thanks very much. So... you'll be crediting me for the extra amount sent, right?"
friendly blonde customer service representative: "Um, I'm definitely not sure..."


  1. Ugh...I hate that kind of thing..customer service calls where people are just dumb. One time my hub pretended to be a "secret shopper" and demanded the # of the service rep, so he could put it on his report...the guy was falling all over himself.

  2. OMG!!! Did you get it straightened out??

  3. Brilliance!

    I had to deal with the cable company today and after FINALLY getting to talk to a real person, she did not speak loud enough for me to hear her. After I reported the problem, she tried to upsell me. I HATE that.

  4. that's the way it goes . . . good luck

  5. "I'm definitely not sure." That's a great one. I HAVE to use it sometime. What a great example of the types of things that come out of non-thinking person's mouths. At least you got a great blog out of the experience, right?

  6. I HATE automated menu hell, but when you finally get someone with a pulse you get THIS dolt? No fair.

  7. Oh, I feel for you. It's so good to know this woman is dealing with medications! Good grief.

  8. My new favorite catch phrase...

    "I'm definitely not sure"

    hahahaha too funny. I know just how she feels.

  9. Thanks for reminding me of the time I tried to have an accidental $10.00 credit removed from my prepaid cell phone. I gave up.


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