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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just so we're clear....

The 10-almost-11-year-old son's birthday is quickly approaching. In case I didn't know from the list he gave me 6 months ago, here again is another list of what he wants for his birthday, complete with visual stimuli, reviews, instructions and respectful consideration for my pocketbook.... ahem. Behold: (if it's too small for you to read or you forgot your reading glasses, click on the picture and it will magically get bigger. totally nifty)

okay, then. To the back, he says:

Apparently he is not above begging or bribery....

And here is the list-making urchin himself, looking quite smug he will get what he wants for his birthday... and with a grandma who would don headphones and watch a movie in the SUV next to him, why shouldn't he expect to haul in the loot?


  1. I predict a nice haul :) happy birthday to the boy

  2. This is great and reminds me of my Conner. (Especially the handwriting!) I love love love the little picture of the big eyed begger. And I've heard that On Tour does suck...

  3. That's hilarious . . . "To the back, I say!" killed me. And I love that it's the "Official" list. Don't want any counterfeit fake lists floating around.

    Get him what he wants, I say!

  4. Great beggar-genre artistry. I say you hand him a wrapped package of new socks just to psych him out. Then give him a thing or two from his list.


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