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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just when you think you're outta blog material....

Along comes a car ride with the boys.

As Exile on Mom Street says... or is it Manic Mommy? Ya can't make this stuff up!

As we were on a 45-minute drive home recently, the boys predictably became a bit rambunctious in the back seat together, thereby (equally predicatably) irritating the husband and me.

The husband firmly exhorted the boys to stop horsing around and settle down, to which the 10-almost-11-year-old replied whinily:

"I'm NOT horsing around, Mom."

The husband and I chuckled.

"Uh. He's commonly referred to as 'Dad,' " I corrected.

"I know but he's nagging me like Mom," retorted the 10-almost-11-maybe-won't-make-it-to-his-11th-birthday-in-a-couple-of-weeks-year-old.


  1. Ouch! Don't you hate honesty that stings? Just erase that little comment from your mind and reboot.

  2. as long as there are children..... there will always be blog posts!!!! ( assuming you let them live to see their next Birthdays...)

    Thanks for the laugh!!!! Actually, thank your 10 year maybe never to see 11 year old son for me!!!!

  3. You really should have stopped the car and made him walk the rest of the way home. Or take away his allowance. Or ground him for a month. No, not that one, that only punishes you. um.

    Take it as a compliment? He knows who 'wears the pants' in the family?
    Wears the pants?...hahaha I am old.

  4. I liked mama-face's idea. Walking a least a mile might have been good!

    Sheesh! The material I'm missing out on. That goodness for you guys and the cat.

  5. The real question is, "Which parent should be angrier at that comment?"

  6. Oh... the number of times I called a teacher "Mom".... Even a male teacher or two....

  7. Shut! Up!
    That is the best Kid Comeback in the history of Kid Comebacks! Did you stop and get them ice cream? Or a medal? I LOVE THEM!!!!!

  8. Awesome conversation! Love it! :)


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