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Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's a matter of perspective

I went biking to cross train on the flat Eastern shore yesterday... no hills and no bugs. No, just a lesson in humility this time.

As I rode north, I was going a lot more quickly than usual according to the pace on my Garmin watch. I attributed it to my gains in training and clearly evident athleticism...

Then I turned around and went south:

Ah. The wind. Going south sucked.
Note: pictures are not drawn to scale (I think I was the only one who hated coloring in kindergarten), except the big butt is realistic....


  1. Ha! Like you would have a big butt! No way.

    I hate wind when running or on a bike, unless it's really, really, hot and then wind suddenly becomes my friend!

    I love the drawings.

  2. Oh, geez...more drawings. I LOVE IT!

    "I am really fast". Hilarious!

  3. Wait.
    You've done 9 marathons (and counting) (gag!) and you want us to believe you have a big butt?
    LLOL (Literally Lying Out Loud...?)

  4. You crack me up!

    This (and the bugs, ewww the bugs!) is why I exercise indoors like a civilized human being.

    And have a MUCH bigger butt than you do.

  5. The illustrations, once again, are brilliant.

  6. I think you should stick with the drawings. They add a lot of umpph to your posts.

    I, too, and a good cyclist when the wind pushes my ample rear.

  7. YOU, my dear lady, are hilarious.
    I'm definitely LLOL.

    Keep up the great posts (and enjoy your vacation)

  8. How's the saying go? The wind is never with you... it's either against you or you're having a really good day.

    (Something like that.)

  9. Hilarious! No - I hated coloring in Kindergarten too. In fact, besides Differential Equations in college, Kindergarten Coloring was the only other class I failed :-)


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