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Friday, July 10, 2009

So THAT'S why I was a bitch...

You know that little thing we women get every month?

Yeah. I still haven't gotten it down.

I was a late bloomer, but even so - I have over (doing the math in my head here...) 24 years' experience with the monthly visitor - that's 288 months ... well, minus 22 months of pregnancy. The point is, I should have this down by now.

but no. nope. not at all.

Comes as a complete surprise every time. What the!.... ohhhhhh. So THAT'S why I was such a bitch yesterday...


  1. OMG..I can SO relate to this!! How come we cant remeber NOT to be a byotch, since we KNOW our feelings are hormone induced, BEFORE we are Byotch? Thats what I would like to know. I do the same thing.."Oh, THAT explains it". Every.month.

  2. Um, I know what you mean. I don't recognize the bitchiness but I should.


  3. OMGosh I am cracking up b/c my Hubs is more in tune with my "cycles" than I am. He's the one that tells me it's time and then brings me chocolate... am I grateful for this reminder and little gift each month? No... I am offended and bite his sweet little head off.

  4. A woman I knew once told me she thought her college-aged daughter was having PMS.

    "Pre-marital sex?" I asked.

    "If only," she replied.

    I knew then the daughter must have been having some serious PMS problems.

  5. yeah my girls always roll their eyes at me when I remind them that their auntie flow is coming to visit and that's why they are feeling so "I hate every one and every thing" at the moment.

  6. Glad to know I'm not alone in this. The mood comes first...think I would catch on by now.

  7. You know the song Super freak...I'm a Super Bitch!

    My oldest will say to me "Mom are you getting your period? You're being just plain mean".

    Oh is that why?

  8. I consider my hysterectomy the greatest gift I've ever been blessed with. I "began puberty" at age 10, in the days when that was a real anomaly. I thought boys must have periods because God would not punish just girls. I was a baby still.

    Yet, even with the hysterectomy I STILL get PMS. Now I just have no idea when it's gonna hit. More injustice for us girls...Wow I sound angry. Imagine me saying this with a sardonic chuckle, okie dokie?

  9. Sneaks up on me too. Usually about 2 days before I "start" my husband tells me to "just bleed already" because he's so sick of my bitchiness.

  10. It happens to the best of us. Although, I don't need any excuse to be a raging bitch. So sad to say.

  11. A doctor once gave me an awesome hint that helps the uncomfortable portions of PMS and I suspect it might slightly help with the bitchiness part too. It's worth a try.

    A few days or a week or so before you're supposed to start, take some Aleve (or generic naproxin sodium) because it keeps a particular chemical from being released that causes the cramping part of your period. The trick is to do it BEFORE you start having any cramps.

    I've been doing this for a long time and I pretty much have cramp-free "visits" without having to take additional pain medication. Worth a try. You'll have to figure out how far out and how many days you need to do it.

    Once you start having the cramps it doesn't work so you have to do it BEFORE. But I think it also helps with the mood issue. Worth a try anyway!

  12. I don't get bitchy...I just get emotional. I cry for absolutely no reason during those times. Hehe

  13. ME TOO! i'm all, why the crap is my head pounding like a sledgehammer? why did i just cry over the fact that there's no more mac n' cheese?

    oooooooooh. okay.

  14. Unfortunately my kids can't do anything right just beforehand and since I turned 40 I am all over the place - those poor kids.


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