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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gummy bears, anyone?

Items found in the dryer this week:

- 1 penny

- 1 quarter

- 1 pen drive (argh)

- 2 little wooden sticks, each broken on both ends; use unknown

- 3 rocks; not sure what kind

- a library card

- 2 small, red plastic thingamabobs (?)

- 3 screws (again, ?)

- a few assorted gummy bears

- a snickers wrapper

- a very short pencil with no eraser
- a piece of paper, folded, with an indecipherable note on it


  1. add to that

    sunflower seeds


    3 quarters and a dime

    a pine cone

    and a spider . . . eek! seriously it crawled out, alive!

    oh the adventures of mommyhood

  2. What? No lizards? No chapstick that melted and ruined YOUR clothes?
    Show them the treasures they lost. My rule is: "If I find it in the laundry, it's mine." This includes money, and I've made them "buy back" some of their items they wanted back again.

  3. Sheesh! All I found in the dryer was almost dry unfolded clothes with a few lingering grass burrs and cat hairs.

  4. Dang and I thought the rubber mulch from the play-set was exciting!

  5. Ah...the things of dryers....why cant we always just find money? Thats fun, not all the other stuff. Didnt the Gummy Bears melt all over?

  6. Gummy bears can make it through the dryer and still look like gummy bears? Amazing. My son is going to want to try that experiment.

  7. the quarter and penny are mine

  8. is that a sears washing machine?

  9. That is worse than my dryer. I just have copious amounts of horse and dog hair.

  10. lol...that's not so bad.
    I have a habit of leaving my ink pens in my pants, so I'm forever trying to get the ink out. Ha, I'm surprised that you recognized the Gummi Bear with all the heat.

  11. Actually, that sounds like the contents of my purse!

  12. Sand. Piles and piles of sand.

  13. What? No lip balm?
    Lip balm in the wash makes me want to kill myself. Or someone.
    Like the Snicker bar, that was maybe IN that wrapper, before the washer started.

    Three unexpected screws would make SOME people very happy.

  14. Gummy bears can make it through a complete dry cycle unscathed? Cool. What an awesome impromptu science experiment. I've gotta get my son to give this one a whirl.

  15. All in 1 week?

    I hate it when I wash (and dry) a tube of lip gloss.

  16. So the dryer ate the snickers? My washer eats candy, too.

  17. Ugh. I hate that about laundry! I'm always finding wrappers. I don't even buy candy...much. Where are they getting all of these?!?
    My brother in law found his ipod in the dryer. It still worked.
    He's 30. I think he's a little old to be leaving things like that in his pants, but whatever. : )


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