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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Put out

(above: you caption it, please)

put out' (adjective) - a state of irritated distress

Sophie is quite put out that she needs drops in both eyes twice daily.


  1. Calmly tell her that the drops will remove the glowing demons that live behind her eyeballs. (Or maybe it's the flash...)

  2. I saw the title and the picture of Sophie and immediately thought that she was in heat.

    Glad I was wrong.

    Eye drops don't sound so bad now, do they?

  3. How 'bout: "You open this door one inch and I'm outta here!"

    ps Sophie was in the running for our new baby - we went with Daisy.

  4. That's the "don't go without me" look I get from Deja. She lays in front of the laundry room door like a deranged tree hugger in front of a bull dozer when I try to leave without her!

    Look on the bright side Soph, you could have to visit the GYN every 12 months and be forced to experience the "jaws of life" like we do!

  5. If I had opposable thumbs, I'd strangle you to death, and then open the door and escape. I swear to Dog I would.

  6. "Mom, please crank down the radiation in here."

    Poor pup.

  7. "Some days even a cookie can't make it better"....

    Hang in there, Sophie!!!

  8. Poor Sophie! I hope the problem is temporary. At the end of his life, our dog Judge went blind for the last year. It was amazing how quickly he learned to get around. They are so wonderful our furry kids!

  9. I think the regular eye drops don't irritate as much as the radioactive ones.


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