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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Irony in a picture (okay, 2 pictures...)

Please note.... this is, thank goodness, not my lawn, nor is it any of my neighbors' lawns...


  1. Ha! Looks like someone needs to go lawnmower shopping... or get out the scissors!

  2. good luck with them there weeds--oh is that supposed to be a lawn =P

  3. I have a friend who is the proud owner of what he calls a lawnmower graveyard. It seems no matter how many he buys, his son manages to break them all. He's begun to suspect sabotage, in the name of not wanting to mow the lawn.

  4. it's my lawn ;(

    i will get to it tomorrow. promise.

  5. mama-face, you're cracking me up!
    Shawn, I think a picture is in order here?
    Aliceson and Kaye, not my lawn! I just stopped and took a picture because it tickled my funny bone!

  6. ive been watering my lawn a lot lately and i swear that if i waited more than a week or so, my lawn would look like that.

  7. Now they need a lawnmower to go in and rescue their lawnmower! :)

  8. That is so funny! When my slacker of an ex husband and I were going through our divorce I started channeling my inner Jeff Foxworthy....
    Q: How does Mike find his tools?
    A: He mows the lawn!


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