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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's the little things...

Little things that make me happy…

When the sign hanging over the express lane in the grocery store reads: “15 items or fewer” rather than “15 items or less.”

Getting carded (even though it’s utter BS. There’s no way in hell anyone would think I’m under 21, give me a break).

Having the house all to myself. i.e. Peace and quiet.

When all of the laundry is done (very, very rare).

When my whole house is clean (also quite rare).

Pink tulips, pink azaleas, and pink dogwoods… okay basically most pink flowers…. And I like purple/bluish ones, too. Verbena rocks.

The way a cat cleans her face. How cute is that?

When someone uses lay/lie correctly (see a pattern here?)

When I go to purchase something at the cash register and I find out THEN that’s it’s on sale.

When the person next to me on the plane doesn’t want to talk.

When someone comments to me that my boys are well-behaved (ha! Little do they know).
What makes you happy?


  1. ditto on most of yours. I would add--when anyone helps out "voluntarily" and sitting by a creek listening to it babble, while the wind plays with the aspen leaves and sunshine beats down on my back :)

  2. It's funny how little time there is in between the point where you're annoyed at being carded and the point where you're grateful for it.

  3. I could list most of these, too, but that one about the store clerk or fellow shopper commenting on how well-behaved my 4 kids are at the mall absolutely takes the cake! And earns the kids a smoothie at the food court! :)

  4. Friends like you make me happy!

    Also long naps (mine or my son's, I'll take either), and the scent of a baby's hair.

    Nothin' better.

  5. Kaye, could you be more specific, please? lol.
    Shawn, I don't think I've ever been annoyed at being carded... well, maybe I am now a little because it's so ridiculous.
    Rachel, you go, girl! I'm sure your kids are perfectly behaved ALL THE TIME!
    Natasha, awwwww. Amen to long naps, yes. Christopher's hair didn't smell too good, though, when I used to have put baby oil on his scalp because of dry skin when he was a baby. I do love rubbing babies' heads, for some reason... in fact I still rub my boys' heads lovingly and they HATE it. lol.

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your dog story about him chasing rabbits...I can so relate.

    As far as being carded...they card EVERYONE here in Ga. Kinda takes the thrill out of it, if you know what I mean.

  7. Hi, Leigh... sure! I love the title of your blog: "3 to get ready." very clever!

  8. specifically . . . 1,3,4,5,6,7,8. I've never been carded because I don't drink and I'm not a cat person, I don't think they are very cute. But give me a happy puppy face anyday :)

  9. Love the list!

    I would add- hanging laundry out on the line and it not blowing away from the crazy wind we have here.

  10. lol. Kaye - I meant that your initial comment was SO detailed... even down to the kind of tree. :)

  11. Amazing how *few* people probably understand why that first one would make you happy. As a grammar nazi myself I must say... BRAVO to you. It makes me happy when someone DOESN'T say how something is just "unique." Period. Instead of "soooo unique."

  12. I am so with you in Grammar Police-land: particularly their/they're/there, it's/its, and I vs. me. Object of the preposition, anyone?

    I love it when my boys use grown-up words correctly.

    I love it when they say they love me first.

    I love uncooked brownie mix.

    I love getting exactly the food I'm in the mood for - and having it taste as good as I'd hoped.

    I love the way my dog tilts her head when I ask her a question.

    I love this idea and may steal it for a post - if it's okay??

  13. Thanks for visiting, Heather! I am loving your blog! I've been following Jeff T. and Shawn for awhile and the Open Letters blog. Brilliant stuff!

    Manic mommy, of course you may steal it! I'm flattered! I was thinking of perhaps making this a regular thing... just certain things that make me happy... random stuff....

    I love your list, especially the uncooked brownie mix. I've eaten POUNDS of uncooked brownies and chocolate chip cookies and I'm here to tell ya - salmonella is a distant worry...

  14. Can I also add - know the difference between done and finished. Turkeys are done. People are finished!

  15. I love it when the house is clean and all the laundry is done but it never seems to coincide on the same day. Chocolate always makes me happy.

  16. I love finding out that something is marked down at the cashier. I love a good sentence. I really like meeting people who aren't consumed by things, stuff - you know? A kind gesture, an understanding comment, when my boy kisses and hugs me without me begging first, a good hair day, a good sneeze, dogs in general, animal people, positive people (but not annoyingly positive people) a great meal, a glass of red wine...great post!

  17. oh! (egg on my face) thanks for clueing me in ;)

  18. Jodi- Amen!
    Jen- alas; you're exactly right, but chocolate is indeed a good fix.
    Kim- man do I love your list. Dogs make everything ok, don't they?
    Kaye- my bad for not being clear in the first place.

    thanks, everyone! :)

  19. I don't care how the specify it at the express line as long as their is nobody in front of me with MORE than the allowed items. :) In fact, I would put "arriving at the express lane and nobody being in line ahead of me" would be on my happy list.

    I'll tell you another thing I'm grateful for at the moment is just now running out onto the front porch half naked after my escapee child and nobody being on the street to see it. Yeah.


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