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Thursday, May 28, 2009


What a mom says…. And what she really means….

“we’ll see” = no

“mmmm hmmmm…” = I’m not really paying attention to you because what you’re saying is not very interesting

“did you brush your teeth?” = did you brush your teeth within the past ½ hour with toothpaste?

“you’re wearing that?” = plaid and stripes don’t match; go up and change

“okay; hop in the car” = make sure you have your shoes on, then get into the car

“Let the dog out!” = Allow the dog outside to go potty sometime within the next 5 minutes, preferably asap

“Did you take a shower?” = Did you use soap and wash all of the hair on your head?

“Get together for a picture” = Smile as if you’re normal, pretend you like each other, and face the camera nicely

“no” = no

“Hang up your coat” = on the hook in the laundry room or in the closet, but not on the bedpost, banister, or any doorknob in the house

“Hey!” = put your hands in the air and back away slowly, most often used when a physical fight between siblings is brewing… or when they’re about to eat chocolate that belongs to me

And how about in your households?


  1. OMG, I have been contemplating a post JUST like this!!!

    "We'll see" = Probably not, but go ahead and try to convince me, this should be entertaining.

    "No" = Don't bother spending the next 15 minutes trying to get me to change my mind 'cuz it ain't happening.

  2. all of the above and:

    "quit picking your nose" (demonstrate picking nose when little guy insists he is NOT picking his nose.)

    drives me over the edge. (hmm "picking your nose" is an odd saying.)

  3. "What made you think that was okay?"

    Yeah, I went there too: http://shesjustanothermanicmommy.blogspot.com/2008/08/because-im-mommy-and-new-classics.html

  4. Are those your boys in the picture? And were they in a wedding?

  5. Oh, too funny!

    "We'll see." - Don't count on it.
    "Ask your dad." - Let him tell you no.
    "Just a minute." - I'm hoping you forget you asked me this in a minute.

  6. What a terrific post!! You must make your kids laugh. Your boys are so cute!!

  7. yup - these sound about right!
    I used to hate it when my mom said "we'll see" to me...and (of course) I hear myself saying the same thing to my kids (which they hate).

  8. Rachel - it was begging to be done, huh? I've missed a lot, as y'all have pointed out...
    mama-face - so I shouldn't pick my nose around you, then?
    Manic mommy - sorry! I didn't know you had done it but look forward to reading yours - thanks for the link! :) Yes - those are my boys and yes - they were groomsmen, the little urchins
    Katdish - oh yes! I do hope they'll forget and I do pawn things off on Dad...
    Kim - I try to get through motherhood by making them laugh, yes. always have.
    Life - thanks for visiting! I'll pay you a visit as well. Yes - we all say to our kids what our parents said to us, don't we?

  9. That is so true!! Im really good with the mmmm hmmmm one! Very funny.

  10. Let's change your diaper = you stink and I can't take it anymore

    It's broken = please don't get near that because I don't want it to get broken

    ask Daddy = Daddy, look at me and agree with me

  11. At my house everything but a definite firm YES means no. Learn to deal with it or go live with your Nana, that's my philosophy!

  12. Those are some handsome boys. Are they available for rent?

  13. LOL, Wendy... I'LL pay YOU to take them for awhile, how 'bout that? thanks for the compliment! :)

  14. Too funny! I grew up with a little sister, so I think our household meanings were much different just because the toothpaste, soap, shoes didn't need to be underlying tones to commands. We liked accessorizing and smelling pretty haha. Your boys are very cute.

  15. You're on my sidebar, which may or may not be a huge compliment for you, received with all the interest of no-interest-at-all.
    Just smile and wave.


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