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Thursday, May 7, 2009

An ominous beginning

This morning I was awoken by my 10-year-old loudly yelling from the kitchen [to his older brother in defense]:

"The bottom gave way and it all fell out!"

I closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep for a few minutes so that I could start over and repress the thought of exactly what had all fallen out and where.


  1. Oh goodness I hope you didn't wake up to a spilled carton of milk or shoes with no soles in them. I can understand why you wanted a start-over!

  2. Are you sure they weren't just writing a country music song?

  3. I'm thinking the cereal box?

  4. I worry about those sounds but it's what has the dog done now? You are lucky Sophie is such a good dog and just comes back after chasing bunnies. Unless in the yard, my dogs stay on their own plan. Someday I will have a dog that comes when it's called

  5. Jeff...that's very funny! You should start your own blog!
    Kim... I think Shawn's comment was the correct answer although the kids, while still lacking many of the necessary brain cells to function as an adult, did have the good sense to clean up whatever it was before I came downstairs and keep mum about it.

    Jen - I do recommend dogs who come when they're called... you have a lot of dogs, though, yeah?


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