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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Semantics, Schmantics...

me: Hey, buddy! It's the Memorial Day holiday weekend! We're going to the beach tomorrow!

10-year-old: Oh, wow. It's summer now? We're going to the beach?

me: Yeah! Are you excited?

10-year-old: cool. So are we gonna see the 4th of July fireworks?

me: Yeah... no. So, buddy... what month is it now?

10-year-old: May.

me: And the "4th of July" is in what month?

10-year-old: um.... Oooooooooooohhhhhh....


  1. laughing, shaking, holding my sides--kids are so funny!

    when my husband was sign-painting we used to get magazines filled with pictures of crazy signs, sometimes don't you just wonder what goes through peoples heads?

  2. Seriously, is it just a boy thing? (I sometimes call it a "doy!" thing.)

  3. Funny, I had this same exact conversation with my husband over the weekend!

    Totally kidding! It wasn't exactly the same. My husband didn't know what month it was. ;)

  4. Here too, summer must mean fireworks to kids... and Rachel's husband.

  5. We have a sign in our town that reads "LEFT TURN OLNY" It's been there for years!

    And I always call Easter, Halloween. It's a candy holiday.

  6. HA HA. That is a great sign. SOOOO helpful! Kids are funny!

  7. Awww...pretty cute. Love the sign!

  8. you gotta love those dumb boys. Cute and hilarious and awesome and yes, dumb at times! I've got 2 of them; I know of which I speak.

    Thanks for your great comments btw...

    what's your sign?...


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