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Monday, September 21, 2009

Huh? and yahoo!

me: "Buddy, is your seatbelt on?"

13-year-old: "no."

me: "Put your seatbelt on!"

13-year-old: "It is on!"


(photo from the Philly Distance Run official website)

In other news, the weather for the Philadelphia Distance Run (1/2 marathon) yesterday was GORGEOUS! 54 degrees at the start, ideal for running. Our own American Ryan Hall won it, outpacing 3 Kenyans, and I, myself, came in with a new Personal Record! 1:44:44 (7:52 minute/mile pace). yahoo!


  1. Congrats on beating your personal record!! That has got to feel awesome!

  2. That is so awesome!

    And go Ryan!

    I have a 10K Saturday. I'm hoping for 60's.

    Didn't Bill Cosby point out that all children are "brain damaged"?

  3. That's great! Congratulations! So, it was the cheetos that made the difference, right?

    I can't do one mile at a 7:52 pace let alone multiple miles.

  4. congratulations on the new personal record!

    I have my seatbelt on--I won't talk, please--spare me the duct tape!

  5. That time means nothing to this non-running gal but WAY TO GO!

  6. Outstanding. I'm not sure I could do that in my car.

  7. Hooray for the runners! Hooray for the Mama who also has crazy, unbuckled boys in the car. You are not the crazy one ('cept for all that running) they are!


    Clappity Clap Clap

    Woot WOOT.

    (congrats on the run too.)

    ps where have you been GF?

  9. Hooray for the running of good fastness. -Vlad

  10. That is SOOOOO 13. The whole question/answer thing ceases to make sense at that age. We must decode.


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