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Saturday, September 5, 2009

So it's a gender thing...

My brother and sister in law arrived yesterday. I had just returned from a run.

I showered, blew dry my hair, and rejoined the group.

"You got your hair cut!" remarked my brilliant sister in law.



  1. I hope you took that opportunity to drive home the fact that NONE of the men in your life noticed, and you and your SIL bitched and moaned about men for at least the next hour, loud enough for all of them to hear, of course.

  2. LOL.... I think you're right. My Mom used to tell me that the only way my father would notice a hair cut is if she was carrying her head under her arm.

  3. Um . . . and you're somehow SURPRISED by that?

  4. Yippee! Someone finally noticed! I bet Sophie noticed first, though.

  5. Of course that is how it works. Of course.


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