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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Peace at last

Shhh. Listen. Can you hear them?


I can't either! :)

They're in school! They're in school! They're in school!!!!!!!


okay. okay. decorum. clearing my throat here.... Calm.

Gosh. I can focus and concentrate now.

No one's humming.

No one's singing.

No one's complaining that I don't buy food with hydrogenated oils (or even partially hydrogenated).

No one's fighting.

No one's complaining about sunscreen application.

No one's telling me he's bored.

No one is bugging the dog.

No one comes to me with something very important as soon as I get on the phone.

No one's telling me I am so behind the times with the kids' haircuts I prefer.

No one's telling me he has no clean t-shirts (yeah, right. Did you search through the pile at the bottom of your closet?)

No one's not brushing his teeth

No one's shooting plastic bottles 50 feet up into the air.

No one's coming in and then going back out... and then coming in again. And then going back out. And then coming in ... and leaving the door wide open while the AC's on... and then going back out.

No one's bike is broken.

No one's not taking the dog for a walk.
No one's leaving his shoes in the middle of the room.

"Mom," the 13-year-old said to me last week, "I'm kinda ready to go back to school."


  1. YES! I'm pretty sure moms like us are the reason that homeschoolers are so judgemental. It may be my hormones talking, but even having 2 of mine at school, I honestly feel like a new woman!

  2. Enjoy the peace and quiet!!

    Friday will be my first day of 2 1/2 hours of both kids gone at the same time. I've already made my hair appoinment ;)

  3. Oh yes, 'no one' lives at my house too.

    And you miss them like crazy, right?


    You don't?

    *shaking your head no*?

    ah...hey you...I have an AWARD, yes an AWARD! for you!! Yippee!

  4. Yay! I can relate! Love love love that they're back in school. I am going to drink a glass of wine and toast to your good (mental) health.

  5. I miss 'em like crazy but am thrilled they are gone. It's a universal Mom emotion!

  6. I used to be ready to go back to school too. The home scenery used to lose its lustre about midway through the second month of summer.


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