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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Uh.. what kind of dog do you have?

I went to pick up the gas-guzzling, eco-conscious Expedition from Dr. Detail yesterday. Before I walked in, I took a quick look at it. Wow. I don't know how, but the dog hair? Gone. It smelled... clean.

(above: the Perpetrator)

The manager saw me looking at it and waved me inside. I walked inside to pay for it. He looked at me for a moment. Then he said, and I quote exactly:

"Uh. What kind of dog do you have?"

After I stopped laughing, I explained that she is a German Shepherd, the breed of dog which sheds most profusely, year-round.

I asked him what his secret was- told him my shop vac didn't even begin to suck those hairs out of the carpet fiber of the back of the truck.
He said if he told me he'd have to kill me. wink wink.
As if on cue, one of the employees then walked in.
"Wow!" he exclaimed, a big smile on his face, "we filled up an entire industrial shop vac with all that dog hair!"

Moments later, another employee entered. He didn't miss a beat.

"Holy cow, man," he told me, "we filled up a whole shop vac with your dog's hair..."
After I stopped laughing again, I asked for a discount for the dog hair. After all, they could use it... to um.. stuff pillows. I made a donation.

For the next, oh... 3 days? The truck is free of dog hair. Maybe Soph will have to stay home from now on...


  1. So are you off to purchase an INDUSTRIAL shop vac?

    Or are you just going to keep Dr. Detail in business?

    Oooorrr....My Persian cat looks very fetching with a "Lion Cut" perhaps Sophie would as well?

  2. One of the many reasons I am REALLY THINKING HARD about whether or not we REALLY REALLY want a dog...

  3. I'm sure sophie will never be left behind--you'll probably run out of money for the cleaning of the vehicle before that happens. Loved the picture of the industrial sized vac :)

  4. if dogs didn't shed they would be the perfect animal, don't you think? i sweep about one and a half chihuahuas of hair a day off my kitchen floor everyday - the baby is a crawler - oh to be hair free! we've got a lab

  5. Thats funny. Poor Soph....she probably wont like to be left at home. You could make German Sheppard sweaters. :)

  6. They could knit a sweater out of it, too!

  7. I have burned out 4 vacuums in the last 10 years and I'm pretty sure that dog hair is to blame. I think your Sophie and my Oliver are in the same category. If we don't keep his coat trimmed I can easily sweep up a big pile of hair daily.

  8. I'd love an industrial shop vac for my life. I've decided having a dog that sheds is like finding Christmas tree needles in July....

  9. Seriously? How is it that Sophie isn't bald?

  10. Yes, you need the hair to make a new dog. ;-)

  11. That is very LOL funny & Sophie seems to be the sweetest dog ever. No wonder you put up with the hair! :)

  12. I think you should officially change Sophie's name to "Shopvack".

  13. It's horrible isn't it?!!?

    Deja goes almost every where with me, she has a new seat belt by the way, and the hair is just a nightmare. We have an air compressor in the garage and when we get home I open all the doors and start blowing! ANd there's always a lint brush!

  14. That is hysterical! Too bad you and Shawn don't live near eachother, you could go in together on one of those idustrial vacs and share.


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