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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This post is about fruit flies

Having a predilection for both bananas and red wine, the husband and I tend to attract fruit flies every year at this time. Well... our house does.

We pull out all the stops to get red of the pesky varmints, who delight in flying close to my face and then whizzing off just before I clap my hands together to end his pathetic life. Or hers. I don't want to be sexist.

When we first started having this problem, I did what any educated, intelligent person would do to ameliorate the problem. I googled.

Ye old wise internet counseled me to set about, as traps for the fruit flies, glasses of wine or vinegar covered with plastic wrap with a few tiny holes punctured in the top. It's also necessary, to thwart their breeding, to get rid of the fruit (duh). We therefore placed the bananas in the refrigerator. Cold bananas suck, don't they?

We placed said glasses throughout the downstairs, each filled with a bit of wine to attract and trap the delinquent invertebrates.

The husband wandered around, a dejected look on his face: "what a waste of good wine," he lamented.
Meanwhile, the 13-year-old, ever the recent star of this blog, questioned: "why are we trying to catch fruit flies?"
"So we can kill them," I brilliantly responded.
He considered the fatuous nature of his question immediately, and tried to save face: "I'm not buying it."


  1. We have been having a similar fruit fly problem around here. With all of the ripe fruit and veggies from the garden, my house has been taken over by the pesky little things. I also have been using a wine trap which seems to work the best. Who knew that fruit flies love wine as much as we do. For my trap, I pour in a few tablespoons of wine (I almost always have a bottle of white in the fridge) and 1 or 2 drops of liquid dish soap. You wouldn't believe how many I catch.

    I agree with your husband that it's kind of a waste of good wine. I've probably used almost an entire bottle on the fruit flies so far, but it works!

  2. I agree with your husband. That's no way to treat wine. I suggest learning to clap faster.

  3. Should we amend the adage about flies, honey, and vinegar?

  4. Hum...don't lizards or frogs like flies?

  5. omg, my house at college is experiencing the SAME problem! But I didn't know the wine trick! Thanks for the tip! I'm going to do that right away!

    On another note... how is training going??? Getting into the final stages to get ready for that 3:45 PR?!

  6. Peaches.

    It's them darn peaches that grow fruit flies in these parts. Bananas? Never.

    That is weird, huh? I better buy some wine for the next time I have peaches in my house.

  7. PS- did you see that the harford magazine is out?! I haven't seen a hard copy but here's a link to online!


  8. I think "Reforming Geek" is on to something. I think you should buy a few lizards.

  9. But this question remains...where did they come from to start with? They weren't there before I brought the banana in and they weren't at the store. So where did those little frickers come from?

  10. You are right: cold bananas suck something awful. Congrats on your 1/2 PR!

  11. Fruit flies were falling in my wine as I wrote my last blog, which is what reminded me of your post. My friends already know me as Beaker (an unfortunate nickname of mine) the fruit fly slayer. I am known for running around the kitchen with a vacuum cleaner chasing these little nerve racking nuisances. ;)

  12. Us too! I agree with Viper... learn to clap faster, or take a bit of banana and use that in the glasses instead.

  13. I have a helpful hint.. and it will save your wine! Cider vinegar w/ a few drops of dish soap in in a small dish. Empty daily and refill with new mix... Great FF catcher!

  14. if these are the same as gnats ya same damn problem. they are freaking killing me.


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