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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Junk food is good for you

I've had the best runs this week! I can identify 2 factors which have been different:

1- I've switched to margaritas for happy hour rather than vodka/tonics
2- I've been eating Cheetos

whaddya think? I think Cheetos + margaritas = extra carbs?!

Well... and the weather's been cooler....

On another note... big thanks for Vivienne at The V Spot for my nifty award. I'm passing it along to A Reservation for Six and Mental Poo, the first because she's been absentee, and the second because I know Moog will have something very clever to say about the award. I can't remember what the rules are; be a rebel and do what you wish!

Also, thanks so Maggie at Sitting on the Mood Swing; I won a book on her site! Yippee!

off to consume more Cheetos...


  1. Thank you for the award!

    By the way...you know you wrote:

    "I've had the best runs this week!"

    It took me a few minutes to realize that you were actually talking about jogging, and not explosive diarrhea.

    I hope.

  2. The comment above is so funny I can't even remember my name, let alone the brilliant remark I was poised to make.
    Hooray for eating garbage and having good runs!

  3. If drinking will kick start my running career; then I'm going to have to think seriously hmmm...Having the runs comes with having the best runs so, ya, well, that's the problem...

    I won the book AS WELL. I am freaking out.

    Pass the Cheetos.

  4. Yeah, the "runs" are definitely not desired while running, right?

    Congrats on the award and I will admit to loving Baked Cheetos!

  5. No, I actually think the equation is cheetos + margaritas = Bliss.

    Congrats on the award and "the best runs." Ha!

  6. Diet makes all the difference. I'm beginning to think I should have more margaritas and cheetos to help my running...talk about incentive!

    Congrats on the award and hope the book arrives soon!

  7. What did the Cheetos replace? Before the Pork Rind Heritage Festival 5k -- an event name that cannot be made up -- they gave every clumper a bag of pork rinds. Pork rinds, btw, contain zero carbs: the perfect pre-slog snack, right?

  8. My boys love cheetos. They call them fake carrots. I can't stand them because I get orange finger and hand prints every where. Some of them from my husband!

    Tonic contains quinine. From wiki, "Quinine is an effective muscle relaxant, long used by the Quechua Indians of Peru to halt shivering due to low temperatures. The Peruvians would mix the ground bark of cinchona trees with sweetened water to offset the bark's bitter taste, thus producing tonic water."

    I think I am going to switch to vodka/tonics because my legs ache and cramp so much when I run :-)

  9. I agree with some of these other comments. This has been a very inspirational post. I drink. I eat cheeto-like snacks. Maybe there is hope for me in the running world!!

  10. All I have to do to win awards is NOT blog? Cool! I shall display it proudly and polish it often, THANK YOU so much!!!!

    I have to say that, to me, Cheetos + Margaritas + Running = VOMIT! Congrats to YOU, though! :)

  11. Shit! I've been doing it wrong! I've been drinking Margaritas and eating DORITOS. (Picture me smacking myself in the forehead.)

    I am going to dust off my running shoes and get me some cheetos...


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